Our Services

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One on One Coaching

One on one coaching to focus on:
- Employee engagement
- Improving performance
- Creating a great culture
- Developing leadership capabilities
- Succession planning to close your talent gap

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Recruitment Support

Recruitment including:
- Drafting targeted job advertisements
- Interviewing for culture-fit
- New employee orientation
- Onboarding

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Annual Performance Appraisals

Foster employee growth through regular performance appraisals:
- Gather evidence of performance from each employee
- Meet with employee's stakeholders to gather feedback
- Collate feedback
- Benchmark salaries
- Calibrate findings
- Provide unbiased recommendations
- Deliver outcomes to employees

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Social Events

Improve team morale, communication and collaboration, by organising and managing:
- Social events
- Team engagement activities

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Process Improvement

Optimise business performance, productivity and quality by:
- Reviewing existing processes
- Identifying inefficiencies, bottle-necks and roadblocks
- Analysing and recommending improvements
- Continual process improvement (on request)

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Process Documentation

Capture and document steps for standard tasks to optimise processes. This will help:
- reduce errors and operational costs
- mitigate risk
- improve employee onboarding and training
- retain process knowledge; and
- enable you to seamlessly outsource without sacrificing on quality and consistency

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Metrics & Reporting

Implement Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators to:
- ensure expectations are clear for your employees and clients, and
- enable oversight of the performance of your business